About Hommold

Hommold prides itself in providing premium quality home & living products to its customers. The products supplied by us add value in the daily and routine lives of our consumers and help them to mould their homes & workspaces into an efficient, effective, well-organized, stylish and comfortable environment.
Our capabilities include manufacturing wide range of plastic products in bulk for our clients. We thrive ourselves in manufacturing injection & blow moulded plastic products that are durable and offer premium quality to our customers. Our production procedures are designed to tackle environmental issues such as waste-management and pollution. We understand that climate change is real and in order to reduce environmental pollution, manage our production waste by producing and supplying recycled products.
Our capabilities and expertise also enable us to formulate & execute special relationship arrangements with our clients in which we design and manufacture customized injection & blow moulded products in bulk. We ensure that these products are delivered in exact design and quality standards as required by clients.